Cleveland casino has impact on regional casinos

The new Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland has gotten off to a very successful start, as local players are flocking to the casino. There are many reports of tables being full most hours during the day as people have to wait to play. In the poker room, they aren’t hosting tournaments as the room is so full with players wanting to play the cash games. There aren’t many novices when it comes to poker rules and casino etiquette as many of these players have played in the regional casinos.

Apparently it’s not just locals jamming into the new casino. One of the selling points to Ohio residents when they finally approved the casino was that so much money was leaving the state to the region’s casinos in Detroit and Pittsburgh. Now that may be reversing, as reports are out that regional casinos are seeing a drop in business after the opening of the Cleveland casino. The numbers for June during the first full month after Ohio casinos opened in Cleveland and Toledo are down 9.4% from April for the eight casinos in Detroit, western Pennsylvania and along the Ohio River in northern West Virginia.

The Cleveland casino is beautiful and located in downtown Cleveland near other attractions like Progressive Field, so it’s no surprise that they are winning some business. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run.

Managing Business With Your Cell Phone

performance review / lunch with jack – DSC00269 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

It is a fact that we live in a fast-paced world. Everything needs to be done quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Managing your own business is dependent on the boss being able to access every aspect of the business at any given time during the day. Your cell phone can help, as it is with you all the time and may keep you connected to business partners and your staff, as well as your clients.

More technology is being introduced every year. Trade shows and information highways are always touting the latest way to stay connected. The ability to keep your phone with you and charged is constantly being updated as well. There are a few ways your cell phone can help your business stay on top.

1. Inventory At A Glance. T-Mobile cellphones can be a valuable tool in keeping track of your product. You can set up your phone to track sales and shipments, knowing each piece that goes out and each piece that comes in. In dealing with customers, you will be able to tell exactly what is available and how soon you can deliver.

2. Accounts Payable And Receivable. If it happens to be a meeting with board members or investors, even though you will be prepared with paper documentation of the running of the business, having this available on your cell phone will give you the added bonus of knowing your cash flow from minute to minute. You never know when you will need some extra cash to make an important business purchase, and you will have it ready.

3. Important Business Contacts. Every business has important contacts, and whether you are needing to reach someone yourself, or you are referring a customer to a business associate, having the necessary information at a glance helps you to look professional and knowledgeable.

4. Market Analysis. With cell phones being able to feed us knowledge and statistics from literally anywhere in the world, the business owners and managers are a distinct advantage. Whether it is buying or selling stock, or just trying to see where the supply and demand is, once again your cell phone will keep you informed. Not only can you access the web, you can download apps to your phone to categorize and update the information you need.

5. Availability. The mere fact that your customers have access to you at all times is a huge boost to your business. There are many times when customers will go elsewhere if they are not treated as though their business dealings are important. The availability is also to your advantage when you need to get in touch with a manager or business partner in a short period.

No doubt cell phones have revolutionized the way we communicate. Using your cell phone to keep track of every aspect of your business, as well as important contacts is a smart move.

New casino brings jobs to Cleveland

The new Horseshoe Casino is finally opening tonight in Cleveland, and loves it! Many new jobs will be created and there should be a huge boost in economic activity in Downtown Cleveland.

Will the GOP primaries make it to Ohio?


Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney greets members of the audience at a campaign rally in Dunedin, Florida. It’s been a brutal campaign in Florida, but Romney seems poised for a big victory. The problem is that he’s really pissed off Newt Gingrich, who vows to go all the way to the Republican convention. If that’s the case, we might actually see these guys battling in Ohio.

Mortgages are a huge issue in Florida, and they will be a big issue in Ohio as well. Newt’s connections to Fannie Ma are killing him, but Mitt Romney is also vulnerable on this issue, as he has said that we need the foreclosures to speed up and have the market bottom. That might help the financiers on Wall Street, but not the people struggling to stay in their homes.

Fortunately, interests are incredibly low, so the economy is picking up steam. People are refinancing and also looking for deals, so there’s a ton of research being done online. There are many examples. Gocompare is one the most comprehensive services in UK for range of financial products. Compare Natwest Mortgages quotes online on Know Your Money.

Expect the mortgage issue to remain a hot topic. The Obama administration has a much different approach, and meanwhile Romney and Gingrich are tearing each other apart on the topic.

Casino opening in Cleveland delayed

This news is disappointing.

The Cleveland casino won’t be opening in March after all.

Openings of the state’s first two casinos this spring will be pushed back, possibly by at least two months, because of delays in the licensing process.

The Casino Control Commission was told Wednesday that Ohio does not have enough time to properly investigate casinos in Cleveland and Toledo before their proposed opening dates.

Matt Cullen, COO of Rock Gaming LLC, says they are disappointed by discussions of postponing the anticipated March opening of Horseshoe Cleveland. However, Cullen says they respect the Commission’s diligence and dedication to address the many tasks associated with a new gaming jurisdiction.

You can see more about the new Horseshoe Casino at their website. It should provide a huge boost to Downtown Cleveland once it opens.

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