Dennis Kucinich and the olive story

Dennis Kucinich explains his lawsuit regarding the olive pit and the broken tooth on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

Horse track plan in Dayton?

Penn National Gaming might be adding up to 1,500 jobs in the Dayton area, though it depends on Ohio approval of video lottery terminals. Penn is looking to transform a former Delphi plant in north Dayton into a $200 million horse track and slot machine complex.

Old landmark gets converted to apartments

This is great news.

A Cleveland landmark that witnessed decades of births and deaths will finally see new life, as a long-awaited project begins in the Buckeye neighborhood.

Construction will start this week on apartments in the former St. Luke’s Medical Center, a U-shaped brick building that has been vacant since 1999.

The building’s central wing will house 72 apartments for the elderly, financed through a $22 million deal that local nonprofit group Neighborhood Progress Inc. and private developer Pennrose Properties expect to close Tuesday. Renovating the entire hospital will be a $53 million, three-phase project, which could be finished in 2013.

Click through on the photo above to see the full image and the entire article. The old building is beautiful and this sounds like an excellent way to restore it.

The GOP abortion obsession.

So much for jobs and the economy. The GOP in Ohio is now pushing the far right social agenda with some pretty extreme proposals on abortion, such as the heartbeat bill.

Will the Ohio electorate like this? My guess is that the GOP is in for a rude awakening . . . again, as they embrace the Ken Blackwell agenda that was so thoroughly rejected four years ago. Meanwhile, John Kasich keeps acting like he’s the new king of Ohio.

It might turn out that the GOP win in Ohio in 2010 might actually help Obama and the Democrats in 2012 as people turn away from these new leaders.

Kasich and high-speed rail

I wonder if Governor Kasich’s decision to kill the high-speed rail project in Ohio will come back to haunt him. Many people who voted for him were surprised when he killed the project, which would be great for Ohio’s transportation infrastructure, Ohio jobs and Ohio technology.

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