Ballot initiatives drive politics for November

The campaigns are heating up and we’re seeing quite a bit of political activity around Issue 2 leading up to the November elections. Governor John Kasich’s signature initiative, Senate Bill 5, has defined the political climate in this state since Kasich got elected and rammed this through the legislature.

The unions in Ohio were stunned, as this issue united them against the governor and the new law. Police and fire fighter unions were included in the bill, and many in these unions used to support the governor. All of that has changed, and now there’s a united effort to repeal the bill with Issue 2. You’re seeing all the commercials on television, and the poster printing companies will be very busy as the state is covered with yard signs.

The issue is also getting national attention, as this issue has galvanized the left and the union movement. Like Wisconsin, Ohio has become ground zero in this battle and will tee things up for epic fights in 2012.

Mitt Romney visited Ohio and immediately got himself into trouble by flipping and flopping his way to another incoherent set of positions. He ends up in a place where he 110% backs the Governor’s position, which may help him in the GOP primary but will definitely hurt him in a general election.

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