Sherrod Brown looking good for 2012

President Barack Obama salutes while walking down the steps of Air Force One as he arrives in Youngstown Ohio to attend a roundtable event with auto workers at the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant, Sept. 15, 2009. Following the President are Sen. Sherrod Brown, Rep. Tim Ryan, Rep. Betty Sutton (obscured) and Rep. Charlie Wilson. (Pete Souza/White House/Pinnacle Images)

The polling has been great for Sherrod Brown for 2012.

Back in December of last year, shortly after Ohio was pretty much ground zero for the Democratic wipeout in the 2010 midterm, Sherrod Brown was looking like he was in dire shape, polling in the low 40s. A funny thing happened since then, though: people got to see what it’s like again to have Republicans in charge (in Ohio’s case, with John Kasich in charge as governor, who at this point would lose to Ted Strickland by 25 points in a PPP hypothetical-rematch poll). The overall shift in the direction of the political winds — particularly pronounced in Ohio — has taken what initially looked like a Tossup, given a decent GOP challenger, and it turned it into what’s looking like a snooze instead, with Brown racking up leads in the vicinity of 20 and hovering around the magic ’50’ mark.

Kasich is a complete disaster for the GOP in Ohio. President Obama should be feeling better as well.

Drafting Drew Carey for US Senate in Ohio?

World Cup 2006 Germany Kaiserslautern 17/06/2006 Italy v USA Group E (1 – 1) American screen star Drew Carey at work as part of the US Soccer Federation photographic team Photo Roger Parker Fotosports International

Politico has an interesting tidbit on how some are hoping to draft Drew Carey to run for the US Senate from Ohio to take on Sherrod Brown in 2012. Carey made some noise recently when he produced a series of videos with Reason, a libertarian think tank, on how to fix Cleveland.

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